🌸 Nagano & Kawagoe walktrips 🌸 đi bộ cho khoẻ

hello again on another lovely sunday,

During my winter break I got the chance to go to Nagano city with the school bus and it’s absolutely beautiful. And yesterday I felt like going out and being happy and forgetting my tons of work for a temporary moment, so I hop on the bus again and float all the way to Kawagoe (just 40 minutes away by train to Tokyo). Travelling is a way for me to learn, to experience and to help myself relax, and I do realize that locking my brain in the library 12 hours a day is a total torture to your vulnerable body.

I think once in a while, you should treat yourself to something. Not essentially travelling, but just some fun stuff that makes you happy and reminds you that there are tons of beautiful things in life that sometimes you’re just too busy and choose to ignore it.

Thanks everyone for your continuous support. Stay healthy and happy, i really hope so,

music i have used:
Grypnet – Boba beach:
soft skin – shiloh and timmies: (shiloh had this collab with timmies and they are absolutely amazing artists)
Butterfly Lovers by saib. :

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