🌟 (japanese) stationery/ đồ dùng học tập (ở nhật)🌟

hello yall,

FALL BREAK IS OVER. i sure travelled a lot, but im saving those videos for later on because im learning to use another software and it should get better and better and better and i always want my contents to satisfy the viewers.

i dont usually do these kinds of stuff, like haul and favourite things but since ive just bought a lot of japanese stationery, it might be great to share with you these amazing products. rumor has it that japan has the BEST stationery ever, and this is 99% sure. even cheap stores like daiso can totally convince you of how this nation is a master in stationery.

enjoy the video. i really hope you feel calm and happy. i sincerely hope so.

music i have used:
chẳng có gì vui đâu – marlboro. : (first vietnamese hip-hop lofi artist that ive found. worth a visit)
two sleepy – Distance: i think the artist has removed this song from their personal Soundcloud. but the track might be found here:
lilbill – Our day off together:
saib. – space cowboy:

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